The way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach....our belief! This belief has seen us, Sujata Mastani grow from a tiny Ice-cream shop way back in 1967 to the first-of-its-kind brand of “Mastani” which finds mention at National and International levels. Today Sujata Mastani is no more just an Ice-cream and Mastani brand but one which dishes out experiences with each serving of natural, extremely tasty and healthy ingredients made in the most nourishing process to maintain taste, aroma and yes, nutrients! Our popularity thus grows…by the day!

Sujata Mastani’s journey thus far has all the ingredients of a successful entrepreneurship right from gritty toil to sheer love for our offerings...not to forget dollops of love laced with loyalty from our customers and patrons! The Kondhalkar household which initiated this journey was keen to promote a product which was acceptable to all and which at the same time had an element of novelty! It saw the use of the old yet popular French Pot ice-cream recipe, except the use of eggs. From then on till today, the recipe and basic ideology remains the same. What has changed very obviously is the scale of production and the number of flavors and related variations!

Ours has thus been a journey of maintaining purity with the use of the most natural of ingredients! All our products continue to have an all-natural milk base into which goes cream, natural fruit pulps, fruits or fruit extracts and dry fruits. Each scoop then guarantees nature at its best!

Full of nature’s goodness with dollops of taste to tickle the palette, our Mastanis and Ice-Creams are a rage among all, irrespective of age and status. Our ‘Mango Mastani’ is one offering which has stood the test of time with people apparently reminiscing the taste years later! Talking of flavor, we started with the “Famous Five” being Mango, Pista, Rose, Chocolate and Keshar. And today we are a “Thriving Thirty-three”! Yes we serve all of 33 flavors of Ice-creams and Mastanis with ever possibility of additions every now and then!

And all of this has been possible because our patrons could never stop at one and were sure they could get more, both in terms of quantities and qualities! How could we ever say NO to them? We didn’t! And we kept (we are still at it!) trying and the result is there for all to see!

Sujata Mastani….Masti & Mishti all the way!

How did the idea come about?

Two awesome things helped create an even awesomer product.
That awesomer product is today Sujata Mastani! You couldn’t find it anywhere in the world other than India. And in India, it HAD to be Pune whose other name is amalgamation!

It’s a milkshake with a dollop of ice cream on it with the whole thing designed with utmost passion and love that oozes with with every bite! You get flavor, taste, nutrition and quality with every bite. And not without reason! We use only the best to make the best!

With luxurious taste and texture in mind, we pursue each flavor from its very origin to its final production and consumption using the best of recipes, ingredients and technologies!